New Chapter

Created by Lisa on 21/12/2010
She was our little angel with big bright eye's and a loving smile.she was tiny and petite but she came with a big personality and a mind of her own.her intellegence was beyond measure.her little mind like a sponge soaking up every thing her mommy and daddy taught her.those around her beamed with joy with each moment spent with her.she loved her mommy and daddy, big sister India and her baby brother malachi.her grandma's,friend's and family.she was pure joy to be with,to be around.her smile warmed the room.she loved to dance and sing.rehearse her abc's and 123's with her daddy.she loved banannas for breakfest in the morning with her mommy,she loved chicken and spaghetti.,french fry's,cookies. she brought joy to all who watched her grow,learn,dance,sing,laugh and play, she was a joy.she will alway's be dearly missed and deeply loved.our heart's will ache forever over the loss of our precious little pillar she was so unbelieveable,intellegent,breathtaking.she just warmed your heart just being around her.We believe she was an angel and god had a better purpose for her but she was here to touch the live's of many in way's hardly unspeakable. Ocean's of love sweetness